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Start your culinary journey to Thailand with the Irresistible Khai Jiao

Prepare to seduce your taste buds with delicious authentic Thai flavors, along with Paed Thai and classic Khai Jiao dishes. For lovers of simple homemade food, then this Khai Jiao dish is the best choice for you!


Khai Jiao is a dish of crispy omlette ala Thai with a delicacy that summarizes the essence of Thai cuisine. With a mixture of some chopped eggs and an aromatic spice that will seduce your stomach. Served with fresh meat choices to add to the quality of the dish for the visitors.You can also choose your own meat as a filling omelet if you want minced chicken or pork, or you can choose oyster. We promise Khai Jiao has a symphony of flavor that dances in your mouth.


Enjoy yourself with the true essence of Thailand as you enjoy a rich and varied khai jiao. A dining experience you can enjoy anytime. Either enjoy it as a pleasant breakfast, a delicious lunch, or a satisfying dinner. That makes Khai Jiao a favorite among locals and visitors.


Come and visit us for the delightful enjoyment of the best Khai Jiao, which embodies the core of Thai cuisine.