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Introducing Tod Mun Pla, Delightful Fish Cakes from Thailand

Paed Thai as a Thai culinary gem famous for its authentic Thai flavours is proud to introduce the Tod Mun Pla cuisine that will appeal to your tastes Thai food enthusiasts. In one Tod Mun pla dish where the symphony of flavour and texture combines perfectly with the original Thai taste that will promise you on an incredibly tasty culinarian journey. 


Tod Mun Pla is also known as Thai Fish Cake as well as the delicious and iconic Thai street food. The Tod Mun Pla dishes at Paed Thai will be enhanced and upgraded to a new level without diminishing the authentic taste of Thailand and remain faithful to the tradition by combining the best ingredients and culinary expertise. Our Tod Mun Pla is carefully made and mixed with aromatic spices so this dish will have the perfect scent to hide you. Tod Mun Pla will be served along with Thai red curry paste and sweet sour chili sauce which will add delicacy to this dish.


Our mission at Paed Thai is to bring you visitors to feel directly into the crowded streets of Thailand with every bite of Ton Mun Pla. Come visit Paed Thailand to enjoy the taste of Thailand in a warm and friendly atmosphere in a beautiful blend of tradition and innovation that we make.