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Introducing an Authentic Signature Cocktail

Paed Thai is proud to introduce our signature cocktail menu while preserving the rich Thai flavor. Explore the diversity of Thai flavors beyond the culinary realm. Our cocktail is a form of the wealth of Thai heritage presented in a refreshing way.

With a focus on presentation and taste, Paed Thai aims to enhance the Thai dining experience and provide an ideal atmosphere for social gatherings and celebrations with loved ones. With the presence of a Cocktail from us, we hope to complement your moment with us while enjoying an incredible authentic dish.

Traditional ingredients and container mixing techniques can produce cocktails that can give you an unforgettable Thai culinary experience. We presented a Paed Thai Tom Yum cocktail menu where vodka meets red chili, galangal tea, lime juice, and a refreshing mixture of lemongrass syrup. For those of you who love fresh mango fruit, we also provide Mango Sticky, where mango juice meets rum, coconut cream, palm sugar, and salt. Whiskey Thai Tea is a mixture of whiskey, Thai tea, foamee, and condensed milk served by mixology on the table.

Discover the Thai-inspired art of mixology that you only get at Paed Thai and begin a journey of taste that captures the essence of the Thai spirit of life!