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Embark on a Flavorful Adventure with Our Scintillating Tom Yum Hot Pot

Prepare to seduce your tastes with the explosion of Thai flavors as Paed Thai proudly introduces the refreshing Tom Yum Hot Pot experience. Famous for its authentic Thai cuisine, Paed Thai is happy to reveal that your Thai culinary adventure will be more complete with our Tom Yum Hot Pot dish that will promise to burn your senses.


Get ready to embark on a unique culinary journey as Paed Thai presents Tom Yum Hot Pot, an indoor exploration of the most iconic and fiery Thai dishes. We have carefully created this experience to capture the true essence of Thai cuisine and to unite a symphony of flavors that will satisfy your tastes.


Our Taste Symphony of Tom Yum Hot Pot is a rich and complex Thai flavor with vivid spices and aromatic herbs that are authentic characteristics of Tom Yum. Spicy chilies, thin orange leaves, and spicy peppers fuse together to create a pot that arouses your senses with every spoon. Mixed with a wide selection of delicious and fresh seafood ready to fill your tastes in Thai cuisine. Each piece of soft seafood meat gives an unforgettable taste experience that affects Thailand’s marine wealth.


Tom Yum Hot Pot experience at Paed Thai is available exclusively to please you. Customize your dream hot pot according to your wishes, and make sure each bite is a harmonious blend of texture and flavor that brings you flying to Thailand with a delicacy inspired by the delicacy of Thai food.