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Discover The Unbearable Taste of Gai Yang in Paed Thai

Gai Yang is is a must-try dish that encapsulates the essence of Thai cuisine. Paed Thai is ready to deliver this dish directly to your table. 


Gai Yang is not just any grilled chicken, it's a culinary masterpiece. We prepared Gai Yang with fresh and premium ingredients to add pleasure to taste in every bite. Our soft boneless chicken is marinated with a harmonious blend of Thai spice and sweet tangy sauce specializing our rich flavor and aroma. Then roast carefully until ripe evenly on chicken with a slight smoky aroma. What sets Gai Yang apart is the way it's served. At Paed Thai, it comes paired with a sunny side up omega egg, adding a creamy richness to the dish. The pickled vegetables provide a refreshing crunch and a touch of acidity that balances the savory chicken.

Gai Yang is a testament from our restaurant's commitment to preserving the authenticity of Thai cuisine while adding a touch of modern flair. This classic and simple Gai Yang dish makes this dish suitable for any time. Whether for lunch or dinner, Gai Yang is the ideal choice for Thai culinary lovers who are looking for genuine tastes.

Come and visit us to experience the best Gai Yang dining experience ever.